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Its easy to download and install to your mobile phone android phone or blackberry phone. So, i just got my recon jet the selfdeclared most powerful wearable. Hands on with the endurance sports heads up display. The companion app, recon engage is compatible with ios and android. Recon jet smart glasses for athletes getconnected youtube. Android smartphone troubleshooting for recon jet smart eyewear how to perform a factory reset on the recon jet smart eyewear how to obtain a gps location for recon jet and recon snow2. Recon is an online community of gay men interested in fetish and kink. Recon jet is true athletic eyewear that displays metrics, maps, and more just below your right eye. Take it on a long, lungbursting trip and youll get your speed, cadence and. Download recon engage for pc free download recon engage for pcmacwindows 7,8,10, nokia, blackberry, xiaomi, huawei, oppo free download recon engage android app, install android apk app for pc, download free android apk files at. Recon jet the worlds most advanced wearable computer recon jet is our headsup display for sports that unobtrusively delivers relevant information at a quick glance. The companys androidbased recon jet pilot edition headsup display hud is going up for preorder today. Well, the company is back with an offering for the summertime crowd.

The app gives you automatic cues on jets headsup display telling you when to eat and drink. You may recall the time i defied death at 45 milesperhour while wearing recons androidinfused ski goggles. Recon jet pilot edition headsup display available for pre. Youll be asked to tap install to allow the app to download it to your device. Recon instruments introduces the recon jet androidpit. Stats are uploaded to recon engage apps for iphone and android as well as its web platform but they can also easily be shared to strava, mapmyfitness, training. Androidbased recon jet ready for cyclists and runners. With that being said, the vuzix m100 and recon jet has their slight differences. This java sdk interfaces with their recon web api and runs on reconos, a modified android platform which. Rtp liveview android lifestyle app designed for recons innovative.

Recon jet is a pair of smart glasses that are dedicated to sports related activities, and is due to start shipping this spring. Recon instruments software development kit for headsup display. We are looking at another pair of smart glasses, the recon jet, which is made for. Recon jet sports smartglasses are here and ready to ship. For the first time ever android developers can now build revolutionary apps for recons groundbreaking headsup display hud technology. As for continued technical improvements, the jets reconos has an open door policy with thirdparty apps on their app forum, and the sdk is available for. Recon jet is a sportsoriented pair of smart glasses that has gained a lot of attention. While recon has developed its own recon engage web platform and mobile apps for ios and android, a users stats can also be uploaded easily to leading thirdparty data tracking services, including strava, training peaks, mapmyfitness, and more. Recon updates its hud tech, adds new view modes to mod live. Mygoproremote2 app comes to recon jet smart glasses. Recon jet is a sports computer for longdistance runners and cyclists thats embedded into a pair of sunglasses.

In iot, you can start developing on the recon jet pro smart glasses with the recon enterprise development kit. The recon jet isnt available not just for the runners and cyclists. Then, download the engage app for ios and android, and connect your jet to your smartphone to share metrics on the go. With full details now available, it appears that the jets os, named reconos 4. Jet also doesnt run android but a webbased platform of recons own making update. You can check all apps from the developer of recon engage. By visiting the app center on recons engage website, users can download thirdparty apps for recons jet and snow2 products. This is a brief overview of the resources youll need to develop apps for reconos, an operating system that provides a powerful platform compatible with android api level 16. Use recon instruments robust sdk to leverage their advanced sensor framework and web connected headsup display hud applications.

The device has 9axis sensors accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, a pressure sensor, ambient pressure sensor, and an optical touch sensor. Android smartphone troubleshooting for recon jet smart eyewear. The maker of headsup displays for ski goggles unveils sunglasses with a tiny. Showing off native apps running on recon jet, including live activity tracking, video. Youll also be installing the recon engage app on your phone, so when. As such, the apps that recon envisions being built for jet could show you lap times, distance traveled, maybe even your own heart rate or vital.

This kit is compatible with android studio and includes stepbystep instructions, sample apps, and more. How to connect recon jet smart eyewear to android smartphone. Engage mobile app latest version jet running the latest software. With jet, your groceries are handpicked and handdelivered to your door, so your fresh produce stays fresh and your frozen foods stay frozen, guaranteed. Activitystatusdemo, bluetoothledemo, connectivitydemo, democompass, externalsensordemo, glancedemo, metricsdemo and myfirstreconapp all require a recon device to run. Recon instruments jet smart eyewear for sports and fitness. Turn off jet or close the engage mobile app to disconnect from your android smartphone. Apps development for recon huds linkedin slideshare. All apk xapk files on are original and 100% safe with fast download. If connecting jet to your android smartphone for the first time.

Recon is going to be releasing a specialized jet sdk that can assist developers in designing apps for the device, but the hud will come with apps for cyclists and runners. Recon jet recon jet glass apps source glass apps source. From an android standpoint, developers can leverage an api to develop apps for recon jet in a similar manner as theyd develop apps for the remainder of the android platform. Featuring a dualcore processor and smartphoneclass operating system, recon jet connects seamlessly to fitness sensors and smartphones. Currently this uses a generic android system image and as such will not be exactly equivalent to testing your apps on a real jet device. When the vuzix m100 is attached to a pair of safety glasses, you can barely tell the difference between the two from a distance. So far my basic impression is that i feel like im using a flagship smartphone running featurephone software. Deals with jet, you can save money with great prices and deals across everything from fashion and electronics to home, toys, and beauty. Relive your activities, share them, and supercharge your recon device. The software used is a version of android jelly bean 4. Available now on the companys dedicated engage site, is a. Proprietary and confidential recon instruments inc.

Recon engage apk mod mirror download free sport apps for. Cgi demo of the active liveview app on recon instruments hud. Eventually companies will be able to create third party apps, but. Gay fetish android app for men download the recon x app on android to view profiles with full adult xxx photos on your mobile. Recon jet has been able to grab intels attention and intel has even invested into recon jet.

Here is most of the stuff that you need to know about the recon jet smart glasses. This pair of smart glasses comes with most of the same stuff that the other smart glasses come with, but this pair is arguably the best looking pair of smart glasses you can buy. Recon has developed a new app called refuel for its hightech recon jet glasses. So, i just got my recon jet the selfdeclared most powerful wearable computer running android 4.

Once youve familiarized yourself with our reference app and with the recon sdk ui components, you should be comfortable enough to create your own jet. Recons hud sdk for android is fully compatible with mod live, the stateoftheart hud. Recons ready to update that ski slope tech with a fresher look. You can connect to iot devices handsfree with jet pro smartphone class software and connectivity. Among the apps on offer are refuel, a smart nutrition app that tells users when to eat and rehydrate during activities, and mygoproremote2, which makes it possible to control gopro cameras using a jet or snow2. Handson with recon jet smart glass android central. The jet features a powerful microcomputer and a fullcolor widescreen display designed for active outdoor use, mounted on highperformance polarized sports eyewear. Use it to customize jets dashboard, find thirdparty apps for your jet, and autoupload your data to mapmyfitness, trainingpeaks, and strava. Active network rtp liveview app for recon instruments mod.

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