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To get from central stuttgart zone 10 to ludwigsburg you need a ticket for 3 zones. A guide to the public transport in stuttgart living in stuttgart. Buses and trains in stuttgart and the region information. Moon phases 2020 lunar calendar for stuttgart, baden.

These border areas zwischenzonen are shown in light blue brackets. Stuttgart is the capital of the bundesland of badenwurttemberg in germany. Vvs stuttgart tarifzonen,ubahn and sbahn zone prise map. Stuttgart hauptbahnhof sillenbuch hedelfingen wangen unterturkheim oberturkheim esslingen n altbach lichtenwald urbach fellbach winterbach aichwald schorndorf baltmannsweiler bad cannstatt waiblingen korb zell kleinheppach beinstein stettenbeinstein stettener str. Vvs dailyweekly tickets stuttgart forum tripadvisor. Use 2zone ticket travel to center stadtmitte in 9 minutes continue on to stop bad cannstatt pdf local map osterfeld link more information at vvs. Vvs dailyweekly tickets stuttgart message board tripadvisor.

The fare depends on the number of zones required including the zones of departure and arrival. Machtvoller wunsch nach einheitszone tarife beim vvs. Large stuttgart maps for free download and print high. Stadtbahnstation degerloch parking lot degerloch, 24 h exit possible. Buses and trains in stuttgart and the region information for. Stops on borders between fare zones belong to the zone which has been travelled through. Valid in stuttgart and the surrounding districts of boblingen, esslingen, ludwigsburg, the remsmurr district and trains fromto geislingen and lorch. Army garrison stuttgart usag is comprised of five installations and has approximately 25,000 community members, including active duty special forces army, air force, marine corps personnel, ready reservists, department of defense civilians, cont ractors, and their family members.

This map can be saved in your phone and its easy to share with friends. The important thing is to work out what zones youre traveling tofromthrough. If you are travelling the city of stuttgart area white marked on the rail network, please buy a ticket for 1 zone or 2 zones, depending on your route. That is, you cant go from 6 to 8 or 8 to 6 but you can go from 1 to 5 or 2 to 4 or 3 to 2 or 3 to 6. Scroll down for directions from transport stops to individual venues with walking paths on maps. It is managed by vvs and is fully integrated in that there is one fare and ticketing system for all forms of transit, so that a single ticket can be used on any mixture of buses and trains that may be required to complete the journey. This map shows streets, roads, pedestrian zones, points of interest, tourist attractions and sightseeings in stuttgart city center. If you are travelling within the city of stuttgart, you will need a ticket for 1 zone. Stuttgart u bahn ticket vvs tickets can be used on all. The german transit system service is a vast, extensive network of stations that are accessible, most within walking distance of almost everywhere within the stuttgart area. Vvs tickets can be used on all underground and commuter trains, trams, buses, the rack railway and the funicular railway. Such a 3 zone ticket covers your transportation from the airport to stuttgart and leonberg, and is valid on any bus, ubahn, sbahn or regional train within the limits of the zones for that day.

Besides the city of stuttgart, the vvs area encompasses the districts of boblingen, esslingen, ludwigsburg, and remsmurrkreis. Tariff zone plan vvo navigator your mobility portal. Stuttgart stadtbahn network has a total length of 195 km and 77 stations, of which only 30 are undergroud center of stuttgart. Local train travel in stuttgart is broken down by zones and are generally learned as you go. International dialing codes to germany badenwurttemberg. With a population of approximately 632,000 in the immediate city 2017 and more than 5. Jul 21, 2019 the first day just buy a group 3 zone day ticket for public transportation. Stuttgart 15 is the capital of badenwurttemberg, germany, with a population of approximately 600,000 in the immediate city and more than 2,5 million people in the metropolitan area. Stuttgart railways vvs moovit has an easytodownload stuttgart railways vvs map, that serves as your offline stuttgart subway, funicular, sbahn or train map while traveling.

A guide to the public transport in stuttgart living in. After you list your destination or zone the display will show you the amount to be paid. If you intend to travel no more than three stops by bus or the city railway or one stop by sbahn, you can also buy a shorttrip ticket. The majority of cities in europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. The stuttgart sbahn is a suburban railway system serving the stuttgart region, an urban agglomeration of around 2. Public transport tickets stuttgart forum tripadvisor. You can use coins and bills or at some machines your ec karte. Monthly public transport tickets for stuttgart life in. Stuttcard stuttgart all inclusive stuttgartmarketing gmbh. No ticket is required for children under the age of 6, pushchairs, wheelchairs and hand luggage. As this ticket has no information on it where youve been with this ticket. This map shows ubahn lines and stations in stuttgart. We have other information such as background information under the different menus.

For german people, pigs are some of the most respected symbols that bring good luck. More information on tariff zones and tickets is available at our offices and from. Hop on hop off bus stuttgart message board tripadvisor. We want stuttgart to become your new home as quickly as possible. Stuttgart and leonberg, and is valid on any bus, ubahn, sbahn or regional train within the limits of the zones for that day. On the left you can see the old zone system that was in. It is known as stadtbahn stuttgart and it is not a regular metro system but a light rail system. Public transport in stuttgart kiramiga beyond relocation. Vvs station and while the attendent spoke english, he definately didnt offer any other options beside two or three zones with three zones allowing me to go downtown. Fare zone map vvs public transport association provides an extensive network of lines with integrated timetables and effective connections to the travelling public. Transit line maps are available at station platforms, online and within the mobile apps.

Do realize that most museums are closed on mondays. Endersbach beutelsbach grunbach geradstetten hebsack rohrbronn fernsehturm. Directions eurodisplay 2020 university of stuttgart. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Vvs stuttgart tarifzonen,ubahn and sbahn zone prise map, karte metro subway train germany train zones in stuttgart, if you search for the area zones in stuttgart here you will see full map. Vvs mobil is the official, comprehensive journey planning app for public transport in the stuttgart transport and tariff association region. To see a list of the regulations by country, use the schemes by county, or search with our map. Accessible stuttgart railways vvs stuttgart railways with parking vvs. Go to the sbahn train station one level lower, marked with a large, green s logo. Plus the stuttcard plus grants you the additional advantage of free travel on the public transport network in the entire stuttgart region vvs network. Detailed and highresolution maps of stuttgart, germany for free download. The app has set the bar for mobile information by integrating realtime journey planning for all means of transport suburban rail, regional trains, city trains, bus, night busses, ondemand transport while providing comprehensive incident information. Moovit has easytodownload transportation maps in pdf format from around the.

I dont go downtown enough so i went with the twozoner. Combined ticket allows transfers between the different types of transport. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in stuttgart. Its main collection includes figures of pigs of different materials. The international dialing code calculator will show how to dial to germany badenwurttemberg stuttgart from any location in the world, with local area codes, trunk prefixes and international country codes. See why over 720 million users trust moovit as the best public transit app. Stadtbahnliniennetz stadtbahnnetwork map pdf in german. Stuttcard plus the stuttcard plus grants you the additional advantage of free travel on the public transport network in the entire stuttgart region vvs network. Entouree par lune des plus grandes regions viticoles dallemagne. Moovit gives you sbahn stuttgart suggested routes, realtime sbahn tracker, live directions, line route maps in stuttgart, and helps to find the closest s1 sbahn stations near you. Also, remember that if you leave the vvs metropolitan area, that either a metropolticket or a badenwuerttemberg ticket covers all public transportation within their area of validity except fast longdistance trains such as ic,ec,ice,tgv, as these include stuttgart transportation you could be some duplication if you purchase a vvs 3day ticket. We will be coming from munich by train, planning to drop our luggage at the hotel, then head out to residenzschloss ludwigsburg for the rest of the day.

The excellent mercedes benz museum should not be missed and is near the fairgrounds. Stuttgart subway map for download metro in stuttgart. This isnt like the uk where if you say zone 4 you can whiz out of the city in any direction until you hit the end of zone 4, this limits you to travel in one direction only. Stuttgart subway map for download metro in stuttgart high. Public transport in germany and throughout europe is the ideal way to travel. Vvs timetable information via pc, mobile phone or app our convenient timetable information from door to door with area maps, stop timetables and walking distances can be found on vvs. I saw that i can buy a short trip ticket since its only one stop over, but ill want to visit stuttgart so im looking at a weekly zone pass.

You will need to get a ticket at one of the red ticket machines instructions as. Upon arrival at the stuttgart airport you will exit the gate on level 1 lower level. Ill be in ditzingen and ill be traveling to weilimdorf bf. Reduced fares for children from 6 to 14 years of age. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train stations in stuttgart can be found. In areas where it circulates on surface the stadtbahn has its own platform with level crossings. The tariff zone map, which also shows the bordering areas, clearly shows the tariff zone limits and highlights the border areas. Go back to see more maps of stuttgart maps of germany. Important is only that the ticket covers the zone youre traveling in. The stuttgart sbahn comprises seven lines numbered s1 through s6 and s60, and is operated by sbahn stuttgart, a subsidiary of deutsche bahn.

Stuttgart railways vvs offline map pdf countriesregions. Thats why we are on hand to assist you and guide you through the red tape so that you can start your daily routine in our city as smoothly and quickly as possible. The city of stuttgart is only zone 10 inner city and 20 outer. Stuttgart also has tram and bus lines to cover the whole area. It is a travel pass for all buses and trains of the vvs standard class. Train stuttgart trains map, pass, timetables and fares. City map of stuttgart navicity stuttgart train zone map,stuttgart zone tickets,stuttgart s bahn zone map,stuttgart zone map english,stuttgart u bahn zone map,vvs stuttgart zone map,stuttgart train map pdf,stuttgart map, agrandir,1novum hotel boulevard stuttgart city, 461 avis tripadvisor,marienstr. Its limited to zone 1,2,3,4,5 any journey, and zone 6,7, and 8 if and only if you make a journer from or to one of the inner 5.

Vvs tickets cover all means of local public transport. If you are travelling around europe, use our route planner. Im moving to stuttgart in a few weeks and although ive booked an airbnb for a couple of weeks to view some properties out there, i have the possibility already of renting a room in gerlingen. The museum occupies the spectacular historical building. Stuttgart s stadtbahn is one of the best in europe. Ive been looking at the zone map on the vvs app and i wanted to be sure before i buy a weekly pass. The most unusual cultural venue in stuttgart is the schweine pig museum. Tariff zone map and route network pdf, 2,1 mb tariff zone map with border area. April 2019 wird im vvsgebiet rund um stuttgart eine neue tarifzonenstruktur eingefuhrt. If you are travelling within an area located in the region surrounding stuttgart area marked grey on the rail network, please buy a ticket for 1 zone. The stuttgart stadtbahn is a light rail system in stuttgart, germany.

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